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Knowing the Pre-Construction process is the foundation for a successful project, we work to develop processes and schedules to meet and exceed your expectations.

· Define Project Scope;

· Prepare an Initial Feasibility Study;

· Assemble a Team of Architects, Engineers, Consultants and Contractors;

· Prepare Conceptual Designs;

· Obtain and Evaluate Quotes;

· Prepare Cost/Budget Analysis;

· Provide Estimating, Cost Planning and Cost Control services through the various stages of the design, such as

         (a) Initial Feasibility study, 

         (b) Schematic design, 

         (c) Design Development, and 

         (d) Working documents;

· Ensure Permit Compliance;

· Prepare and Track Master Project Schedule;

· Review/Maintain Documentation; and,

· Negotiate with Public Authorities.


Our Projects

We specialize in high-density and medium-density residential multifamily, commercial and mixed-use development projects.